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We’re delivering SDVconnect solutions to over 18,000,000 vehicles and 80,000,000 devices globally.

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SDVconnect: Disrupting the Automotive Edge

Pioneering high-performance managed Ethernet connectivity at the automotive edge for over a decade.



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Who We Are

The Excelfore Story

Driving Connectivity, Enabling Innovation, and Shaping the Future of Automotive Technology.

Excelfore's story began with a deep understanding of the automotive landscape and the realization that the industry was undergoing a transformative shift.

With an unwavering commitment to engineering excellence, Excelfore recognized the rising importance of software-driven computing and sensing platforms in the automotive realm.

They knew that for vehicles to deliver an exceptional customer experience, advanced cloud services needed to be seamlessly integrated into these platforms, just as people had come to expect from their PCs and smartphones.

Armed with their expertise in in-vehicle network protocol stacks, Excelfore embarked on a journey to create innovative solutions that would enable the seamless connection between vehicles and the cloud.

Their first breakthrough came in the form of eSync, an over-the-air (OTA) update solution that brought the power of remote updates and diagnostics to the automotive world. Recognizing the immense potential of eSync, Excelfore laid the foundation for the eSync Alliance, a trade association focused on advancing OTA technology and shaping the future of automotive connectivity.

With each passing year, Excelfore's commitment to driving connectivity and innovation grew stronger. Their team of dedicated engineers and visionaries worked tirelessly to refine and expand their product offerings, addressing the evolving needs of the automotive industry.

Excelfore became synonymous with cutting-edge technology and reliable solutions, earning the trust and respect of industry leaders and customers alike.

As Excelfore's reputation grew, so did their ambition. They sought to redefine what it meant to be a trusted partner in the automotive ecosystem. Beyond providing world-class products and solutions, they understood the importance of collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Excelfore actively engaged with their customers, partners, and industry stakeholders, fostering a spirit of innovation and collective progress. They believed that by working together, they could overcome the challenges of a rapidly changing industry and drive transformative change.

Today, Excelfore continues to push the boundaries
of automotive connectivity, embracing the future with
open arms. Their solutions empower automotive companies to excel in an increasingly connected and software-driven world.

Through their eSync OTA and data aggregation
offerings, Excelfore enables seamless connectivity, efficient updates, deep data insights, and a host of other cutting-edge capabilities that drive operational excellence and customer satisfaction.

Excelfore's brand stands for engineering excellence, innovation, and unwavering commitment to customer success. Their story is one of continuous growth, fueled by a passion for driving connectivity and creating a better automotive future.

With Excelfore as a trusted partner, automotive companies can confidently navigate the complexities of the digital era, unlock new opportunities, and stay at the forefront of innovation.

Who We Are

What sets us apart from the others around?


Pioneering Automotive Connectivity


10+ patents


Global Development and Customer Support Centers

Smart Batteries

First automotive Ethernet stacks to be certified (Avnu)


Driving Standards:eSync Alliance, Avnu


Easy to Get Started:Kits on AWS, Google and Azure

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To bring transformation by seamlessly integrating Software Defined Technologies (SDTs), fostering innovation and enhancing safety, efficiency, and user experiences across all sectors, empowering a new era of operational excellence.

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Guiding Principles for Excellence and Success

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Excelfore: The story behind the mission to drive automotive innovation.

Excelfore offers cloud-to-edge and edge-to-edge connectivity solutions for the automotive industry, focusing on Software Defined Connectivity.

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